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Coastal Storm Soy Candle

Coastal Storm Soy Candle

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It’s power. It’s beauty. It’s terrifying. The sky darkens as it fills with heavy clouds. The smell of the air changes, you can smell the ocean, the ozone, the energy – the storm is coming. As the wind whips up, you check the latches at the doors and windows, pull out the cozy blankets, pour yourself a warming mug to sip, light your candles and sit back to watch Mother Nature’s awesome show.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of nature’s power, we need that jolt, to be recharged, pushing us forward to tackle our day. You can bring that air of nature and strength into your space with this toxin-free scent filled with citrus, ozone, sea salt, jasmine, violet and light musk. The essentials oils of cedarwood, orange and elemi will make you feel recharged and refreshed.

Fill your space with nature’s strength and beauty with our pure soy wax candles. And if the power goes out, you’ll be ready.

Bring energy to… your office space, a new home, your meditation spot

hand poured using renewable materials

natural 100% all American soy wax, free of dyes

cotton wick and natural cork top

non-toxic fragrance infused with essential oils

minimum of 40 hours burn time

weight: 9 ounces/ 255g

height: 4 inches, base 3.5 inches

created in California

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