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Bring some lightness to your life

Living Lightly lifestyle

What does that look like? It's a lifestyle that focuses on thoughtful design and prioritizes sustainability without sacrificing beauty or function. It's choosing to buy objects that have a low impact on the earth and embrace Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. It's celebrating renewable designs and recyclable packaging.

Breath easily

The scents are natural smelling and light, pleasant but not overpowering. They are a non-toxic natural blend of traditional masculine and feminine notes, making the candles an ideal gift for best friend, best man or for yourself.

Good for our planet

With your purchase, you help support non-profits that help protect the future of our environment and our planet.

100% natural soy candle, sustainable yet sophisticated

The design is clean, minimal and modern which works well in a variety of settings from living room and bedrooms, to offices and outdoor spaces.

thank you for your support

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you that I loved the clean burn of your candles, the scents are amazing, whatever you put in your candles have a wonderful, soothing, again AMAZING purity and clean!

Jessye S.

I absolutely love this candle. It smells super fresh and not too overpowering. Perfect to make your whole room smell wonderful!

Tess B.

The most aesthetically pleasing candle I’ve seen. The scent is super angelic. Its packaging is modern and simple (which is always trendy and ageless). Candle even comes with instructions on how to take best care of it, which is a huge plus!

Merideth T.