Our Story

Fueled by our love of travel and the exploration of Mediterranean countries, we strive to live our life as if we are there. We cherish those memories and that feeling by creating a slice of the Mediterranean lifestyle wherever we are. We focus on friends and family, gathering together, and celebrating often whether it’s the weekend or a wedding.

Our candles are the heart of our Mediterranean lifestyle and a symbol of our values. We believe in filling our daily lives with simple beauty, but never at the expense of our health or environment. We intentionally choose materials that are easier on our environment from the 100% American soy wax from the Midwest to elegant glass containers that can be repurposed for many uses.

We make our candles in small batches and hand poured them into glass containers with toxin-free scents infused with essential oils. The scents are inspired by our travels, memories of our journeys and moments shared with friends. They transport us to warm nights in Spain, long beach days in Italy, and the soft fragrant breezes of France.

The creator behind Trucco Design is Michelle Trucco Flynn, born and raised in San Mateo, California. She has been a maker her whole life from jewelry to ceramics and now candles. The name Trucco (pronounced true-co) is Italian, and the logo reflects her Italian heritage with its olive branches. The candle label and paper tube packaging are intentionally round and circular to emphasize the renewable aspect of the candle’s materials and the fact we are all connected.

As our company has grown, we continue our commitment to sustainable practices from material sourcing to packaging. We partner with organizations that reach worldwide to build back lands and communities through reforestation. A portion from each candle sold helps plants a tree, actually more because the paper tube company also contributes to One Tree Planted.

Our candles are more than just a product, they are a symbol of our values and our way to share our love of travel, of our connections, of our dreams with each other. We believe all love deserves celebrating, that everyone is welcome at the table, that friends are family, that travel is enlightening, and that our connections make us stronger. Light our candles and be transported to a different time and place, be reminded of the beauty of the world and the importance of preserving it for future generations.