Candle Anatomy Guide

Back to School Anatomy Lesson


Let’s dive in and learn about the anatomy of a candle. What exactly makes up this mood setting brilliance of light? Wax. Wick. Fragrance. Container. But like the human body, there a little more to it.


At Trucco Design, truly sustainable guides the choices we make from the beginning of the product until it reaches you. Let’s look a little deeper into the anatomy of a Trucco Design soy wax candle.


Wax, The Body: Our candles are hand poured with 100% American soy wax from the Midwest. It provides a cleaner and healthier burn than paraffin wax.  We choose American soy wax because we support American farmers who are growing a renewable and ethically sourced material. And buying from a known, trusted source prevents us from contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.


Wick, The Circulatory System: The flame, supported by the wick, draws in the wax from the candle which travels up the wick and sends out a light and natural smelling scent as it burns. You can relax knowing that the wick is made from natural cotton threads and is lead and zinc free, producing a healthier burn.


Fragrance, The Sensory System: Breath in, breath out, let the toxin-free scents awaken your senses. Trucco Design soy candles are safer for you and your home because we use essential oil infused natural scents that are free of known carcinogens, toxins, phthalates, and parabens. Awaken your senses naturally.


Container, The Skin: Glass, maybe not as soft as skin, but it’s smooth. Glass as a material is so reusable and so recyclable. Our glass containers are modern and elegant and can be cleaned out, refilled, or repurposed for unlimited uses in your life. Some can be reused as drinking glasses, others can be used to corral jewelry or paint brushes or to hold cotton swabs or flowers. They are also great for filling with snacks, wayward buttons, or your favorite beach pebbles.


Class is done! Now grab your notes and check out the anatomy of a Trucco Design soy candle up close!